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Chase Knight

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Chase Knight

Post by Chase Knight on Sun Jun 20, 2010 5:29 pm

~Basic Information~
Name: Chase Knight
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Birthday: 8-17-1998
Olympian Parent: Hades

~Appearance & Personality~

Chase has hair black as pitch and eyes the color of a shallow lake. His face is thin and pale. Most people would describe him as angry looking or distant, which is usually the case. He rarely smiles, and when he does, it is usually a show of aggression rather than one of kindness. More often than not, Chase's expression is glazed over and distracted. He's always wearing dark clothing, though occasionally he will wear a white shirt. He is never seen without his bracelet/necklace, Memento Mori. Nor is he ever seen without his golden necklace. It looked like a regular gold chain but there was writing on it. The writing seems white with the constant glare of the sun on the gold, but the words are always visible. "One day, the stars will dim, the sun will burst, and even the gods will fall."
Height: 5'6
Weight: 105
Weapon of Choice: Memento Mori, meaning "Remember, you must die." A bracelet Chase has had since he was just a child. In bracelet form, it is made of black metal. Most think it is tarnished sliver, but Chase always knew that it was different for some reason. Ancient Greek writing is engraved all over the bracelet and it turns into a double-edged sword made of pure Stygian Iron. It was forged by the minions of Hades and cooled in the great river Styx. The Greek writing covers the entire blade, larger so that demigods can make out praises to Hades and curses to all of the Olympians. The hilt of Memento Mori is simple leather, but it is lined with gold and studded with diamonds.
Personality: Chase is like his father in both personality and appearance. He believes he shares nearly all of his traits with Hades, because he's nothing like his mother was. Chase does not mind being alone. In fact, he prefers it over being around people. He believes that no mortal, demigod, or immortal can understand how he feels. He is completely loyal to those foolish enough to call him their friend and will stand by them through anything. His fatal flaw is holding grudges. If someone angers him or betrayes him, Chase will not hold back his rage. His anger is always building up, though he usually tries to keep it locked up. If someone makes him mad, they will be the first to feel his wrath. Chase greatly dislikes answering questions.

1. Chase can raise people from the dead to do his bidding.

2. He can create flaming fissures in the ground to swallow his enemy.

3. He has minor control over rocks and the earth, not one of his specialties.

4. He can communicate with hellhounds and they will not harm him

5. He can shadow travel through far distances

6. Can travel safely through the Underworld and back at any given time


Name: Night of the Living Dead
Description: Chase summons undead warriors fromthe Underworld. The warriors will assist him in battle. Seeing as they are already dead, they continue fighting

Name: Coat of Darkness
Description: Chase is able to temporarily render himself invisible by bending the shadows around him. He then sneaks up behind his enemy and attacks. Most of his shots are not kill shots, though.

~History~ Chase thought he had it all....mostly. He never grew up with loads of money, but his parents raised him to believe that love was the greatest substitute for everything. His mother and step-father were very loving people, in spite of always looking like punks. Chase's step-father often worked odd jobs to try and give Chase a normal life growing up. He often made enemies with the wrong people, which led to the death of nearly every member of the Knight family.

One day, while Chase's dad was at work, some drunk vandal through a brick through the window of his house. Chase had been playing around with his older brother and luckily had not been hurt. He'd been 10 years old at that time and sick of the trouble that always seemed to follow him around like a lost puppy. A few days earlier, he'd nearly drowned at the beach, not realizing until many years later that Poseidon and Hades often fought and that was probably the reason water seemed to hate him.

A week before that, Chase had been attacked by a group of dracaenae and a week before that it had been a mob of empousai. It had been a monster that had set the Knight house aflame that day as well. About an hour or so after the brick incident, Chase and his 15 year old brother smelled the pungent odor of burning gasoline. Mrs. Knight told them to give it a rest, passing it off as the neighbors having a barbecue on their dinosaur of a grill.

By the time Chase's mom finally began to worry, it was too late. Smoke had flooded the living room and the air flowing through the broken window only seemed to make the fire angrier. It consumed the entire house and the fire department assumed that nobody was alive. They soon heard Chase's screams from a pile of ashes and broken and charred glass in the ruins of the house. For some reason, Chase had escaped death unscathed. He'd been shielding his mom from falling debris and held her golden necklace in hand. Reporters had swarmed him, not even caring that he'd just lost the only real family he'd ever have. In response to all of the reporters annoying questions, Chase had managed to quote a single line on the necklace that was written in Greek. "The gods will fall. The gods will fall."

Chase had run away that night, though he leaves camp for the school year and returns to Los Angeles where he is close to both his step-father, who'd been at work at the time of the fire, and his real father, Hades who'd allowed Chase to escape death.

~Other Information

Likes: Darkness, solitude, hellhounds, summoning his mom and brother to speak to and practicing his powers
Dislikes: Too much light, the buzzing he gets when somebody dies, the Olympian gods, people who are too perky.
Affinity: Neutral

RP Sample: "C'mon, Terry, run!" Chase yelled to his friend. Well, Terry wasn't actually human or anything. He was a hellhound. A young one, no more than a few months old. Chase had found the monster lurking in the dark of the night, but it didn't seem to be as violent as the others. Now Chase and the hound were being pursued by three empousai and an ugly snake woman. A dracaenae, Chase believed they were called.

Hey, idiot. You're the son of Hades. Why in the world are you running away from these chumps? All monsters come from the underworld. That's your domain. Chase was forever beating himself up. That wasn't the way his parents had raised him, but he was practically a figitive now. Why would he care what his parents thought? Besides, Chase's mom was no more than a pile of charred flesh, rotting under some algae covered tombstone in a dirty graveyard.

Chase stopped and whisked around. The monsters seemed surprised by this and hesitated, but only for a moment. They soon began charging once more. Chase let out a battle cry and fingered his bracelet made of Stygian Iron. It turned into his black sword, Memento Mori. Chase was still unsure where he'd picked up the weapon from, but at least he understood what the weapon's name meant. Remember, you must die. What a cheery name! Well, at least it was suiting for a child of the Underworld.

Chase ran forward also and began hacking and slashing at the monsters. An empousa went down, but the other monsters were not so easily slain. The two empousai left wore armor, as did the dracaenae. Chase let out an even louder scream as he realized he was soon going to meet his father. When he'd pictured their meeting, he was always alive and going to Hades on his own free will. This certainly wasn't how it was planned.

Suddenly, Chase felt a rapid drain in energy. He felt like curling up and talking a long nap. He looked around for the source and it wasn't really that hard to find. In front of him was a large fissure. Orange and green flames danced, eagerly licking at the fresh air as though hoping they could start a forest fire. The monsters were quickly sucked into the fissure, which closed up as quickly as it had come.

"Terry.....?" Chase's voice came out slow as though he'd just drunk some chamomile tea along with some sleep medication. Terry the hellhound was nowhere in sight. Oh well. There are loads more hellhounds in the world. Chase was not offended in the slightest that a monster had abandoned him. Actually, he was quite glad. Chase did not have the time to go fetch food for Terry, nor did he want to see the monster devour a demigod. Now Terry could eat as many demigods as he wanted and Chase would never know.

With that last thought and a small smile, Chase fell to the ground and drifted into a deep sleep.

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Chase Knight

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Re: Chase Knight

Post by David & Grover on Sun Jun 20, 2010 9:06 pm

Very good looks perfect to me but you might want to ask an admin if you can use a real picture, btw: I'm Grover, I will be helping this forum in moderation. Welcome to the forum!
David & Grover

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Re: Chase Knight

Post by Chase Knight on Sun Jun 20, 2010 9:41 pm

I used an anime picture instead. Is that alright?
Chase Knight

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Re: Chase Knight

Post by Poseidon on Mon Jun 21, 2010 11:04 pm

yes its alright ^_^
anyways...approved ^_^


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Re: Chase Knight

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