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Evelyn Hayns

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Evelyn Hayns

Post by Birthday Cake on Wed Jun 23, 2010 2:17 am

~Basic Information~
Name: Evelyn Hayns
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Birthday: March 2nd, 1994
Olympian Parent: (Must be claimed in RP) Dionysus

~Appearance & Personality~
(Picture,or descriptive paragraph on looks)
Height: 6"2
Weight: 118 lbs
Weapon of Choice: (Please explain its history and ability) Though she prefers her powers, Evelyn likes using a 3" dagger her father gave her when she won a chariot race. It has a purple base with a silver blade. The base has fake vines across it. It has no real ability from it, but Eve can channel her powers through it. She also likes carrying a small bottle of wine around in her pocket, it can blind an opponent when the wine is splashed into their eye(s).
Personality: Evelyn is a very outgoing child who loves being with people of all sorts. She doesn't judge books by covers, and is very sweet to most. Evelyn(also called Eve) is very sensitive, and doesn't appreciate those who talk back, lie, hurt others etc. She is filled with sarcasm, jokes, and laughter. She may seem drunk to those who don't know her(since she has permission to drink wine freely). Like her father, it is hard to tell if she'll like you, or even remember your name. She plays 'hard-to-get', for all those asking.
Powers -They have the ability to control fruit bearing fruits, such as grapes or strawberries, they can use this ability to use vines for restraints.
-They can grow a fruit bearing plant quickly if they drop a seed into the ground.
-They can turn any fruit bearing plant into another.
-Can consume small portions of ambrosia and nectar to heal.
-Can easily read ancient greek.
-Has good battle skills.

Name: Vine Grab
Description: Evelyn uses her powers to make vines from the ground pop up, and it will tie up the enemy.

Name: Wine Splash
Description: Eve has only a tiny portion of this special sort of wine, but she uses it carefully. Evelyn proceeds to take out the tiny wine bottle that her father gave her, and opens the cork. She splashes the wine in the enemies eyes, which will make them blind for only so long(around five minutes). Eve then attacks the opponent.

~History~ Evelyn was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana and loved it there because of the culture, food, music, and the wine. Her and her mother(Hannah Hayns)lived in a two story house that had enough room for them two and their dog(Sam). Evelyn went to school like a regular kid would. She'd be a trouble maker, especially since her mother allowed her to take Red Wine to school(instead of milk or water for lunch). Eve found out she was a demigod when she was 10. She saw some un-explainable things and told her mother(who can see through the myst). She is not a year-rounder, though she does enjoy talking to her father.

~Other Information Like most half-bloods, Evelyn is ADHD and Dyslexic. She is ambidextrous, and has been since she broke her right arm(when she was five((she was originally right handed))).

Likes: (If any.) Evelyn loves wine. She only drinks wine, some water, and some juice.
Dislikes: (If any.) She dislikes some Gods, of course, she takes after her father.
Affinity: (Evil, Good or Neutral.) Neutral

RP Sample: (At least a paragraph of five sentences.)
Evelyn sat down on her dusty bunk, which hasn't been cleaned for a whole school year. She sighed a loud sigh. "Another year..." she said, followed by another sigh. With a somewhat frown/smile, she unpacked her duffel bag. The wall next to her bunk help up her dagger, as if it was a trophy.
After unpacking her duffel bag, Eve casually laid down on her purple-sheeted bunk and doesn't care to even put he blanket on. She stared up to the ceiling, just to think. Camp, what does it have in store this year? Evelyn thought to herself, as turning over to face the wall aside her bunk. Closing her eyes, Evelyn thought... Well, hopefully, it'll be fun. And Eve dosed off.
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Re: Evelyn Hayns

Post by Apollo on Wed Jun 23, 2010 6:34 pm

~Approved Wink

Unfortunately we don't have any dionysus there will be no cliaming for you..temporarily but your known as a daughter of dionysus. Wink


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