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David(Davalues) Stastead(Permission from Apollo)

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David(Davalues) Stastead(Permission from Apollo)

Post by David & Grover on Sat Jun 26, 2010 4:17 am

~Basic Information~
Name: David Stastead
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Birthday: 15 December
Olympian Parent: Poseidon

~Appearance & Personality~
He has wonderful black hair short and spiked at the front!
He is very slim and reasonbly tall!
His beatiful blue eyes are pools of water!
He wears blue jeans!
And a cool white top with a fashionable black jacket!
He wheres slick shoes!

Height: 5'8
Weight: 100 pounds under avarege!
Weapon of Choice:
Tidal Sword:
The wonderful lunar blue sword has swirling sea circles all around it, it has great power although it isn't very heavy! It is a one of a kind and a figt from Poseidon!

He is very very strong has fantastic speed and amazing agility!
He is also very strong!
His favourite food is Pizza
His favourite drink is Sunkist Lemon!
You will often see him playing football for the the best under 15 team in the world!
He is very clever!
His weakness is a good looking girl and friends!
His fatal flaw would be saving a friend which ends up in him dying as well as all the greek gods!

He can strike a sword with amazing skill!
His reaction times are extremely fast!
He can play football better than Ronaldo!


Sea At Command
He can will the sea to do anything he wants!

Water From Nowhere
He can make water come from nowhere!

Talking With Horses
He can talk and undertsand horses!

He used to live in a spacious house on the outskirts of LA, he lived with his Mam and Step Dad, He has two brothers, Jake and Kian and two sisters Lois(Low-wis) and Lilly! They where a very happy family they where all amazingly talented, they could also all see through the mist! One day in school he got attacked by Stestrapahles a half crocodile half horse! It tried to eat him for dinner he was saved by two other demi gods Percy Jackson and Anabeth Chase. He was taken to camp and he soon got overabout all the new things he learned! He started to settle in with the Hermes cabin but he still wasn't claimed!

~Other Information

Likes: Sea, Football, Sword Fights, Reading and Music (If any.)
Dislikes: Annoying bullys, Stestrapahles's, People chatting while he reads! Cheaters! (If any.)
Affinity: Very kind hearted, would do anything for a friend! (Evil, Good or Neutral.)

RP Sample:
He starts his last day of school this term and as the day goes by he plays with his brothers Kian and Jake! He played football and they beat the other team agian, two goals from David, one goal from Jake and Kian! It was time for there small afternoon school trip to a park, for some reason a special park! As they got back from there trip the where just about to finish school when David and his brothers and sisters where attacked! The monster shouted "5 Demi Gods For Lunch" "No, get me firstyou thing don't kill me brothers or sisters me first you idiot" David said bravely. "Fine by me" The monster said. Just before he was monsters tea some shouted "Hey, Eat this" Anabeth said as the monster got asword sliced throught is mouth! The monster disintigrated! "Thanks, Who are you?" David asked. "I'm Anabeth" Anabeth said "And I'm Percy" Percy said. "Cool names" David chuckled! "What on earth was that" Jake asked nervously. "Oh just a monster" Anabeth said. "We'll have to take you to camp hal blood". "To what" David and his brothers and sisters asked all at once. "Oh you'll see" Anabeth and Percy said!

David & Grover

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Re: David(Davalues) Stastead(Permission from Apollo)

Post by Apollo on Thu Jul 01, 2010 10:56 pm



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