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Post by Poseidon on Wed Apr 28, 2010 10:40 am

~Basic Information~
Name: Poseiden, God of the Seas, Earth Shaker
Gender: Male
Age: Immortal/unaccounted for
Olympian Parent: Kronos and Rhea

~Appearance & Personality~

Height: Any height he wants to be
Weight: Any weight he wants to be

Personality: Poseidon shares many characteristics with his brother Zeus being stubborn, proud, and temperamental. However he appears to have matured over the centuries to a point where these attributes do not dominate him to the same extent they do Zeus, making him much more reasonable. He is a very kind god to those who hold his favor, particularly his children and those who help his children. He has a quick temper, like Percy, but is a honest man and cares deeply for Percy, calling him his "favorite son". It is also said he even cares for the cyclopes at a nearly equal level' to Percy, despite their monstrous forms. He appears to watch over all of his children, and always sends Percy help when he can. At first Poseidon didn't know what to think about Percy, but grew to love him deeply. He is also shown to have a somewhat sharp, cynical sense of humour, saying Zeus "should have been the God Of Theatre" due to his fondness for dramatic exits.
Powers: Poseidon is an extremely powerful god believed to be equal even to Zeus or even greater. As god of the sea he can control water on a level far greater then anyone else on the planet, using it to achieve anything he can conceive. He is capable of summoning and controlling fierce storms over the water, though it is unknown to what extent he can summon storms over land or how his weather powers compare to Zeus. He can project beams of blue light from his trident that can transform targets or even outright destroy what they hit, depending on his will. Like all Gods, his element is linked with his emotions- when he is angry, he inadvertantly summons hurricanes, when at peace, the sea is calm. The arc of blue light fired by poseidon is presumably his powers of transmografication and disintigration, along with other things. He presumable possesses the standard powers of a God - often using these powers to further assister Percy, even when its against the rules. It is see in the books that Percy has the ability to control ships on the water and all aspects of navigation and speed- Poseidon must also have a much more advanced version of these powers. He is also able to control his own appearance to a certain degree, though it is linked with his powers- when he is exhausted, his hair begins to go grey and he looks much older.

His power is enough that he is capable of seriously wounding even Typhon as shown in the climax of The Second Olympian War. It is unknown how this marks his power compared to Zeus. The wound was greater then anythng Typhon had yet recieved from other other Olympians, but Typhon himself would have been exahausted from weeks of fighting and was at the time bound in chains by cyclopese Posiedon brought with him limiting his movements, though it should also be considered that Poseidon himself was also exhausted because he had also fought his own war in the sea with Oceanus
Symbol of Power:Posideon's symbol of power is the trident. He can project beams of blue light from it that can transform targets or even outright destroy what they hit.


Poseidon has faced many adventures within his life, when he was born, like his brothers and sisters, he was eaten by his father Chronus to stop his children from rising to power, though luckily his brother Zeus survived because of his mother Rhea, after the long battle of gods vs. titans, and Chronus was sent, chopped up, into the depths of tartarus, and the other titans were taken care of aswell. The three brothers took positions of the upmost strength, Zeus the skies, Poseidon the oceans, and Hades the underworld.

Poseidon of the seas, held great power and significance for the ancient Greeks. He was a very popular god, and is consequently the subject of many myths. He appears in both the works of Homer and of Hesiod as the brother of Zeus, and therefore from the first generation of Olympians. And just as Zeus ruled the sky and wielded the deadly thunderbolt, Poseidon controlled, from his sea-domain, the devastating force of the earthquake. This ability to summon earthquakes earned Poseidon the epithet of "Earth Shaker", a name that is fairly common in Greek poetry and literature. But there is certainly more to this god than his relationship to the sea and earthquakes.

Poseidon has faced many adventures within his life, when he was born, like his brothers and sisters, he was eaten by his father Chronus to stop his children from rising to power, though luckily his brother Zeus survived because of his mother Rhea.

He and Athena are rivals after Athena won a city (Athens) that he wanted. He is also, along with his brothers Zeus and Hades, one of The Big Three, one of whose children is the Prophecy Child, who will decide the fate of Olympus. That is why the brothers took an oath after WWII to never have half-blood children again, which he and Zeus broke, even though Nico and Bianca di Angelo are children of Hades. His Roman counterpart is Neptune.

After some time he had sexual relations with a mortal, breaking the oath, and having Percy, who proved to be a great warrior, and eventually a battle occured between the gods, the titans, and the demigods. The demigods and gods had won, and after the war, Perseus was awarded one wish, and he wished for the gods to do better to claim there children, and visit them.

Currently Poseidon has been living a normal life, down in his sea fortress with his wife Ampithretre, and his god son. Though, he has been sneaking away sometimes, and rehaving relationships with humans.


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Re: Poseidon[Finished]

Post by Apollo on Wed Apr 28, 2010 10:41 am



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