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Logan Grey[Finished]

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Logan Grey[Finished]

Post by Logan Grey on Wed Apr 28, 2010 11:16 am

~Basic Information~

Name: Logan Grey

Olympian Parent: Poseidon

Age and Birthday: 14, August 25, 1995

Gender: Male

Years at camp: 2

Weapon of choice: Riptide (Anaklusmos)

~Appearance and Personality~



Logan is relaxed,but exciting. He isn't jumpy,but he's friendly,funny,and nice to be around. He is good at making friends,and he cares about them. His main interests are love and friendship,everything else seems unimportant to him.

He does like to read,listen to rock music,and spar. Logan doesn't worry often,but when he's worried,you can tell. Even if you ask what's wrong,he will almost never say. He keeps things to himself mostly,so nobody else worries. Although at times,he knows when he needs help,but usually ends up acting on his own.

History before joining CHB:

Logan was raised in New York City,often getting into fights and trouble. One day when Logan was twelve,the satyr that had been watching him,was walking home with Logan. On their way they got into a fight. It was raining that day,and as they fought,Logan didn't seem to run out of energy. He seemed to fight continuously,not having to break. When one of the gang members became aware of why,he took his true form,as a Fury.

The satyr and Logan ran from the Fury at full speed,they got Logan's mom,and drove away. Thought the beast followed for a while,they eventually lost it.

Then Logan arrived at camp,a day before his birthday. On that very night,he was claimed as a son of Poseidon. He was the first son of Poseidon since Percy Jackson,not counting Cyclopes. Logan has led a rather normal life since then,as normal as can be for a half-blood.

RP Sample:
~I woke up floating, full of water but still I'm dry.~

When he woke up 2 hours later, he found himself floating in his room, which just 'happened' to be full of water, and he 'happened' to be harmlessly floating, completely dry, breathing and unaffected by the pressure of the gallons of water above him. Almost unable to believe what he saw, completely unnerved by all of that, that when a bag of luggage suddenly hit him on the back, he spun around, sweeping at it with his hand, and at the same time, forcing a current strong enough to break through the sea-facing wall of the room, creating a meter wide opening from him to move through to marvel at what he saw. No, it wasn't the aquatic life that intrigued him, but that he was able to see it.
It has to be a dream, he thought and decided to see just how strong he was in this 'dream'. Concentrating on the water around his body, he created a powerful rising current which carried him like a Torpedo towards the shore. In his excitement, he forgot to slow down as he reached the surface, coming shooting out of the ocean and landing on a stone path bordering the beach, knocking himself out. This time when he woke up, he wasn't under the ocean, but with an ice pack on huge bump on his head, at the back seat of a car; his car, his head on his mothers lap and his Latin Teacher driving them somewhere.
"I must still be dreaming", he said as his mother and Latin teacher who now seemed to have grown a pair of horns explained, that he was in grave danger, given his little underwater adventure that caused his 'stench' to grow stronger. For that reason, he was being taken some place he would be safe. A bit taken aback by all this, and not completely recovered from the force of that fall, he decided to go back to sleep. He was woken up a few hours later, by his mother who dragged him out of the car, hugged him and in his still drowsy state, sent him over a hill with his teacher wearing fuzzy pajama's, as she waved towards him, wiping a tear of her cheek.
By the time he came back to his senses, he was at the porch of a big wooden house, like the sort you see in those horror movies, or at least it looked that way at night. Entering the house from the front, he was told that where he was now, was a place called Camp Half Blood, and was a place for Children who were special; Demi-Gods. Given the usual run through and a few minutes of the Camp Orientation film, left the sleepy boy a bit baffled and at a loss of words as he was sent to a Cabin, placed first on the row at the right, a low lying cabin built in an ancient Greek style, where he was told to rest.
Doing so, given his already weakened state, he woke up the next morning at 10 and it was already noon by the time they were done explaining his situation to him, which he still found hard to swallow, but one look at the training grounds did help. He had no choice to accept, that he was in fact a Demi-God and this is was his fate.

~Other Information~

Likes: Any kind of desert. Levitates the water. Sword Fighting

Dislikes: Fighting over a childish problem

Affinity: Good
Logan Grey
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Re: Logan Grey[Finished]

Post by Apollo on Wed Apr 28, 2010 11:23 am

Approved. I like the way you elaborate things.



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