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My Golden House[OPEN]

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My Golden House[OPEN]

Post by Apollo on Thu Apr 29, 2010 4:48 pm

Apollo walked up to the side of the mountain to reach his golden house. As he walked at the streets he saw demigods, satyrs, minor gods and many more creatures passing by everywhere. Mount Olympus was just simply a paradise. There are greek columns built by a demigod named Annabeth Chase, she created this marvelous structures in Mount Olympus. Trees, flowers, and many more that does not exists in the mortal world. Enumerate them, we have it here in Mount Olympus.

Alas! Apollo thought. He reached his golden house, sparkling as a golden sun, glimerring like a diamond, so precious, so maginificent! There are statues of him in the corners of his house. Everything is made out of Sunshine, just like his cabin in Camp Half-Blood. It looks just like an ordinary gold or house, but when in daytime his house is a real gold shining as the sun.

He entered his house. Opening his door made of gold. Every kind of instruments will see here, parchments of poems, paintings, tapes, betamax, cd's, dvd's. There's so many to see here at Apollo's house. It sounds many but still it doesn't occupy a large amount of space. He entered to the balcony and saw his unfinished painting. "Oh my! I need to finish this." He said and started to paint.


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