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Clairene Bonnet {Done}

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Clairene Bonnet {Done}

Post by Kaira on Mon May 03, 2010 12:15 am

~Basic Information~
Name: Clairene Mirabella Bonnet
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Birthday: December 26th
Olympian Parent: Apollo

~Appearance & Personality~

Claire is your classic beauty. She stands at a height of five foot five, and weighs less than average. Her face is classic with beautifully shaped sky-blue eyes surrounded by thick long dark lashes. Her button nose is perfectly positioned above her full pink lips, that seem to pout most of the time. Her high cheek bones and arched eyebrows give her a well-defined look. Her ears are a tad smaller than normal, and are usually hidden by her curtains of hair.

Her dirty-blond hair flows down as smoothly as a waterfall. Straight as they flow, and they curl slightly at the tips. Her bangs are cut straightly across her face, just below her eyebrows. They touch the upper-parts of her eyes slightly, but don't cover any parts of it. Her hair is layered, and a few layers of hair frame her face, the shortest reaching her nose, and the longest layers touching her waist.

Her skin is milky white, showing no signs of going outdoors. Her skin is as smooth as a baby's suggesting that she has never done work either. Her fingernails are worn slightly longer than normal, enough to not break a nail easily, and are always french tipped and her toenails are always painted. Her fingers are long and slender and so are her legs. Her body curves in the right places, and her chest goes to the slightly larger scale. Her skin is flawless, except for the birth mark in shape
of a cat's head right below her shoulder blades.

Height: 5ft 5
Weight: 110 lbs

Weapon of Choice: Bow and Arrow


Claire is quite a shy girl who speaks with manners. She shows signs of insecurity at most times, but tries to gain the look of confidence. She is quite dependent on others, as she was never exposed to the outside environment.

Claire wishes to make friends, as she has no experience of any real ones. Thus, she hangs on too tightly at times and is quite clingy. She tends to trust too easily and doesn't know how to tell a lie from the truth.

Claire is not a fighter, and she refuses to be one. She would absolutely not fight unless necessary, thus she usually backs down from competition. Though she is not a fighter, she refuses to be killed and would fight back if she is threatened.


1. Can consume small portions of ambrosia and nectar to heal.
2. Can easily read ancient greek.
3. Has good battle skills.
1. Have natural skill for archery and can hit a target perfectly each time.
2. Can heal others by praying to there father in a song in greek.
3. Can manipulate light, and can create light from the palms of there hands; and can bend light around himself and turn himself temporarily invisible.
4. Has natural skill for music.
5. Can play any instrument she touches
6.Could See in the Dark
7. A good lie detector
8. Can heal others by touch


Name: Prophetical Poetry
Description: She would say a verse from any poem she likes and draw someone into telling her information. The information could be anything, from favorite color to deepest secret.
Name: Marching Tune
Description:Like the pied piper, she could play this tune, to draw weak or sleeping people or small animals out of their houses and into shelter. This move is used for evacuation.
Name: Light Aim
Description: When she shoots a bow or arrow, the arrow shot would have a trail of light trailing the arrow. The light is purple in appearance.
Name: The Healing Sound
Description: While playing a likable tune, She is able to heal those who listen to it. The healing sound requires plenty of energy for it takes double the time than to heal people individually.
Name: Deception Sound
Description:While playing a marching song, she is able to lead her opponents against themselves if they listen to the song.
Name: Blue Jay memories
Description:While playing a song, she is able to make the opponent think terrible thoughts about themselves and they will remember painful memories.
Name: Light Arrows
Description:Can create Arrows out of light. Those these are slightly weaker than normal arrows, they create much more damage to people who are scared of or are weak to light. When shot the arrows are trailed with light.
Name: Light Arrow Explosion
Description:After forming Light Arrows, she can choose if they should explode or not. When they explode, the burst light. It feels like weak fire to som
Name: Burst
Description: She forms a bubble filled with light. The light can either be used for destruction (Like the Light arrow explosion), or used for healing. She blows the bubble towards the person she chooses. Her aim is usually accurate with this.
Name: Light Barrier
Description: A barrier made of light surrounds the user, enabling them to block some attacks
Name: Harmonic Melody
Description: This melody enables the user to create a certain temporary peace between two people. It only last for three posts.
Name: Third Eye
Description: This acts as a mirror and allows light to bend in ways so that reflections on certain objects will reflect things that the user wants to see. It is good for spying and other uses. Can be used with things that reflect (Water, glass, metal)


Clairene, most preferably called "Claire" was born in France on December twenty-six in the year of nineteen ninety-five. Her mother Monon Bonnet, was a French woman who dwells in the Upper-class society. And her father Astor Bonnet was a suitable first class husband. She lived the life of a wealthy youngster and rather chose to stay that way. She got mostly everything she wanted, everything but a friend though.

She was brought up privately. Her only companions were the maids, butlers, and her dearest tutor. Being brought up alone was due to the cause of her parents jobs and reputation. They couldn't dare show their daughter off to the world of the press.

Her father was the CEO of a large wine factory, and her mother was a rather well known in the food industry as the owner of a large olive-oil company. Being shipped away to Camp Halfblood was a shocker for Claire. She had never expected being sent there. On the way, her mother explained that her father wasn't truly her father. Claire's mother was having an affair with a god due to the fact that her father and mother's cells weren't compatible.

~Other Information

Likes: People, Wine, Animals, Fruits, Books, Music, Arts
Dislikes: Spiders, Jerks
Affinity: Neutral

RP Sample:

Claire was silent, as she usually was. Her eyes were closed as though she was sleeping, in a sitting position. The chair rocked back and forth as her feet pushed it. She smiled shyly as she was hearing an opening door, followed by light footsteps. Ahh, her teacher had arrived. Getting off the chair, Claire looked at her teacher shyly.

"Good morning, madame." She greeted with a small fragile smile. Even with someone she knew for a long time, she couldn't be straight to the point with. Her shyness was killing her, and she knew it. Her teacher laughed lightly before taking a book out of her bag, and proceeded with a lesson after greeting her.

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Re: Clairene Bonnet {Done}

Post by Logan Grey on Mon May 03, 2010 9:40 pm

Hello Kaira, this is Logan...

Logan Grey
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