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Will Murphy

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Will Murphy

Post by Percy Jackson on Tue May 04, 2010 10:07 am

~Basic Information~
Name:William (Will) Murphy
Gender: Male
Birthday:November 10, 1995
Olympian Parent:Poseisdon (Must be claimed in RP)

~Appearance & Personality~
Description/Picture: He has light brown hair, his bangs go just past his eyebrows, he wears blue jeans, and a blue t-shirt, which is just a little big for him. He has black skateboarding shoes and a friendly smile. He has sea green eyes.

Height: about 5'2
Weight: around 100-110 lbs.
Weapon of Choice: He has a claymore sword with a celistial bronze blade (a picture of a claymore sword: it it disguised as a mechanical pencil, when he pushed the end down the sword comes.[center][b]

[b]Personality: Will is a nice guy, his emotions change depending on the situation and he doesn't mind being around people, but he also likes his alone time. He's not too good with a bow, but is pretty handy with his claymore, since he got one when he was younger and practiced a lot.

Powers: 1. Can consume small portions of ambrosia and nectar to heal.

2. Can easily read ancient greek.

3. Has good battle skills.

1. Has control over water and is able to manipulate it to their will, including manipulating air and current underwater, and using it to cushion falls from high altitudes.

2. When in water, the demigod and objects s/he touches stay dry unless he wills them not to be.

3. Has a small resistance to fire/burns, and even magma.

4. Can make water flow from petrified seashells, though it takes much energy to do so.

5. Has hydrokinetic powers; he is able to move water from a river or even the ocean with their mind.

6. Can create small hurricanes around tgensekves (which include lightning and storm clouds) strong enough to throw enemies and deflect weapons, as their father is also God of Storms.

7. Can breathe under water.

8. Can control ships and know exactly where s/he is in water.

9. Can talk to horses because their dad, Poseidon, the sea god created horses out of sea foam.

10. Can stand extreme pressure when deep underwater. It is unknown how much s/he can take, or if there even is a limit.

11. Can make air bubble underwater which comes in handy several times the books.

12. Can heal with direct contact with water.

13. Can create earthquakes, though they pass out if used on a large scale.



Will has been at camp half-blood since age 7, and he loves it there, but he's been there since he could remember. At age 7 monsters had been attacking for a while, his parents couldn't take it anymore, and while he was asleep dropped him off at the entrence of camp half-blood. The next day he started, hardly remembering anything, but what his parents looked like. All he wants to do now is see the outside world again. Since he hasn't seen anything but camp half-blood for 7 years.
~Other Information
His goal is to be the first half-blood to sucessfully escape camp without the excuse of a mission.

RP Sample:Will was walking through camp. His next activity was swordplay, and he was ready. As he walked into the ampatheater and walked up to one of the dummies. He quickly drew his sword and hacked at the dummy, eventually chopping it in half. Moving on to the next one he chopped at it, removing the two arms it had, then stabbing it through its straw chest. He went to the nexk one in line and just chopped off its head. "When am I going to fight real monsters?" he asked himself and kicked the dummy he just chopped up "All I've been doing for the past seven years is chop these sad things up, and barely seeing a real monster in capture the flag. When am I going to get to fight?" he said and kicked a piece of the metal armor the dummy was wearing, Will grabbed the foot that just hit the metal and he held it "Ow! Crap! That armor hurts!"

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Re: Will Murphy

Post by Logan Grey on Wed May 12, 2010 1:58 pm

Approved. Smile
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