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Character Sitting Guidelines

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Character Sitting Guidelines

Post by David & Grover on Sun Jul 11, 2010 9:46 pm

Character Sitters

Character sitters control a members character while they are away so that they can still be involved in roleplay! A character sitter will be given information on what the characters owner wants you to do, for example one might say you can make new roleplay topics and other might say, just roleplay in my current roleplay topics!

Special Permissions

Yes, you do get some special permissions like moderation of the character sitters area!

I Have A Character In Use As Well

Thats fine you can have your own character and the character your sitting at the same time!

How Do I Use Their Character

The character owner will give you there username and password(I suggest that any people who want their characters sitting should make a new tempoary password) So you can use their account and roleplay with there character!

Involved In A Contest On The Character I'm Sitting

If you get a prize from the character your sitting it goes to the characters owners account not yours! Though, the character owner may be generous and donate some of the prize too you!

How Many Characters Can I Sit At Once

You can sit 3 characters at a time, heres my suggestions:

Activaty 10mins-30 Minutes 1 Character
Activaty 30mins-2 Hours 2 Characters
Acitvaty 2-3 Hours 3 Characters
Acitvaty 3 hours+ (Ask permission from a admin if you want and you could be allowed to sit 4 characters!)

Anymore Questions?

If you have a question then PM an admin and we'll answer it as soon as we can and if we think its an important question we will add it here!

Request Template

General Information
Characters Name(s):

Why You Want To Be A Character Sitter?
2-3 Lines of writing will do

Roleplay Example
Show examples of roleplay for the following characters
3+ Lines

A Thirteen Year Old Female Demi-God:

3+ Lines
A Thirteen Year Old Male Demi-God
3+ Lines

[u]General Information[/u]
Characters Name(s):

[u]Why You Want To Be A Character Sitter?[/u]
2-3 Lines of writing will do

[u]Roleplay Example[/u]
Show examples of roleplay for the following characters
3+ Lines

A Thirteen Year Old Female Demi-God:

3+ Lines
A Thirteen Year Old Male Demi-God
David & Grover

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