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The Alcover Twins (Permission from Apollo) [FINISHED]

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The Alcover Twins (Permission from Apollo) [FINISHED]

Post by Alyssa on Wed Jun 30, 2010 4:00 am

~Basic Information~
Kris (Kristina) and Danny (Daniella) Alcover
Oct. 31
Olympian Parent:

~Appearance & Personality~


5 foot 8 inches
145.5 pounds

Weapon of Choice:
Nunchucks. They each have a pair of enchanted nunchucks that they keep on their belts at all times. They are bronze but painted pitch black on the outside. The nunchuks can attack when the twins wish them to do so, without accually handling the nunchucks. They also always have a bronze dagger in hand.

The twins personailities tend to morph at times. You can usually see them with an evil grin on their face, as if they know something nobody else knows. They like to scheme up pranks that could destroy another halfblood or mess up a quest. (if the prank is not handled correctly.) Of course, they would not do that to a fellow child of Hades.

They are also tattle-tales. They love it when they cause another camper's punishment.

Even though they look exactly the same on the outside, it is accually very easy to tell them apart. Kris is usually the one scheming up the crazy, evil, ideas and Danny follows. Kris is more sarcastic than Danny. Danny is more quiet.

They are also famous for their mean looks. When they are angry, they flash a look so evil that it makes you want to run away and hide underneath your bed.

1. Dominion over the dead, able to rule over them; bring them forth, and they are able to do his bidding.

2. Can kill otherwise immortal undead skeletons.

3. Can sense when a mortal or half-blood has died through the buzzing in his ears.

4. Can create flaming fissures of hellfire that then closes, swallowing up living or dead creatures and immediately trapping them in the Underworld.

5. Has geokinesis, or the ability to control rock, or split earth.

6. Can bend shadows to conceal his presence.

7. Can shadow travel.

8. Can put skeletons asleep by pointing at them.

9. Infinite knowledge of the underworld.


Name: Nunchuk sneak attack
Description: The twins both sneak up to the enemy in shadow form. They both hit them in either the front or back of the head at the same time.

Name: The back-up plan
Description: When the twins are getting tired and can't fight anymore, they summon a couple of the strongest skeletons from the underworld to finish off their fight.

Name: Bowling
Description: They send boulders rolling at full speed to knock their enemies flat on the ground.


They were abandoned by their parents the day they were born. Since it was Halloween and their were plently of trick-or-treaters around, it wasn't long when they were found and adopted by a gothic couple (Leoretta and Tad Alcover) and their six year old child. (Travis.)
They lived a normal life, but they had to worker harder than the other kids. They had ADHD and Dyslexia. They always slacked off, anyways. Kris and Danny were always together. They knew each other inside and out and were extremely close.

When they entered fourth grade, everything went backwards. They were being attacked by monsters that flooded their school. They left messes behind that destroyed about half of the buildings. Of course, that was always blamed on them and they were expelled. Then in seventh grade, the attacks stopped and everything was quiet. When in eighth grade, they met their true dad. They didn't know if they should be scared of Hades or bow down to him.

The twins' parents had witnessed the encounter with Hades. They decided that it would be the best for the twins' to go somewhere else. Somewhere away from the twins' home so they could be safe. The parents found an add in the newspaper: "Is your child Dyslexic, ADHD, are they always attacked where ever they go? If they are, come to Camp!" They did not know this but the Camp that had been advertised was Camp Half-blood. The only safe place for Demi-gods.

~Other Information

Likes: Boys, pranks that terrorize people for life.
Dislikes: People who are always positive. Sushi and Raisins.
Neutral (They switch back and forth alot.)

RP Sample:

Kris hid behind a tree as a camper passed, walking back to their cabin to get a good night's sleep. She snickered. Across from her, also hiding behind a tree was her twin, Danny. They were spying on this camper. They didn't know for what paticular reason. They were just extremley bored.

The camper they were watching stopped and sat down this bag he was carrying. He seemed to be waiting for someone. He looked around as if he was making sure the coast was clear and breathed a sigh of relief. Kris nodded and the twins were soon in shadow form. They walked to the camper and stood on either side of him. They appeared next to him which caused the camper jump."Ah!" he said. He wiped the sweat from his forehead. "Oh, it's you two." The twins smiled.

"What's in that bag?" Kris asked.

"What? Oh, nothing."

"Are you sure it's nothing?" Danny smirked.

"Well, it's nothing for you two."

"You don't want us to run to the Big House and tell Chiron that your smuggling some dark, evil item from the Underworld across camp, do you?" the twins said at the same time. "We can make up something good, something that will cause you to get expelled for sure." The camper gulped and kneeled to the ground. He unzipped the bag. Inside of the bag was a stash of money, drachmas, packs of cokes, sweets, and other items. It was nothing interesting.

"You know, cokes are against the rules..." Danny said. "We'll buy one anyways." The camper reached into his bag and brought out two cokes. He smiled with relief. He handed Kris the cokes. As Kris took the cokes, Danny pushed the camper out of the way. He fell on his bottom and Danny laughed. Suddenly, a ring of fire exploded from the ground and circled around the bag. The twins laughed amd almost fell to the ground.

The camper screamed and the twins were brought back to their senses. The camper had accidently been caught in the fire. It was swallowing him up. "Should we help him?" asked Danny. Kris shrugged her shoulders.

"Yeah, let's let him live," answered Kris. The twins stopped the hellfire. The camper layed there, dazed. When he came to his senses, he immediatley ran away, screaming.

My characters:

The Alcover Twins: Danny (older) and Kris (Younger) UPDATED PIC


Alyssa Swan


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Re: The Alcover Twins (Permission from Apollo) [FINISHED]

Post by Apollo on Thu Jul 01, 2010 10:55 pm



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